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Structure of university licensing networks

Modic, Dolores:Borut Lužar:Tohru Yoshioka‑Kobayashi
『Scientometrics』 Vol.128 Issue2 901-932頁 (2023/02/01)

We study the structure and evolution of networks of inventors involved in university licensing and patenting. In particular, we focus on networks of inventors that have successfully licensed a university patent (i.e., licensing networks), and investigate levels of their fragmentation, cliquishness, and whether they exhibit the small wo…

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  • Scientific rewards for biomedical specialization are large and persistent

    De Rassenfosse, Gaétan: Kyle Higham: Orion Penner
    『BMC Biology』 Vol. 20 Article Number 211 (2022/09/30)

    Background: While specialization plays an essential role in how scientific research is pursued, we understand little about its effects on a researcher’s impact and care…

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