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Mechanisms for Long-Term Innovation:Technology and Business Development of Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Fujiwara, Masatoshi; Yaichi Aoshima
Springer Nature Singapore, 372pp.(2022/12/16)

This book explores how a long-term innovation can take place based on historical analyses of the development of reverse osmosis (RO) membrane from the early 1950s to the mid-2010s. The RO membrane is a critical material for desalination that is a key to solve water shortages becoming serious in many places of the world. The authors …

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  • The determinants of parallel invention: Measuring the role of information sharing and personal interaction between inventors

    Kang,Byeongwoo: Rudi Bekkers
    WP#22-06 Hitotsubashi University IIR (2022/11/07)

    Historical accounts describe numerous cases of parallel invention. Nowadays, with over half a million inventions yearly that apply for patent protection at the USPTO alone, it is likely that there are a lot of parallel inventions among these. Yet, the mechanisms behind creating similar knowledge remain unstudied. From both a theoretica…

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      Scientific rewards for biomedical specialization are large and persistent

      De Rassenfosse, Gaétan: Kyle Higham: Orion Penner
      『BMC Biology』 Vol. 20 Article Number 211 (2022/09/30)

      Background: While specialization plays an essential role in how scientific research is pursued, we understand little about its effects on a researcher’s impact and care…

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      • Determinants of Ph.D. progression: student’s abilities and lab local environment

        Yoshioka-Kobayashi, Tohru: Sotaro Shibayama
        『Higher Education』 Published online: 29 September, 2022 (2022/09/29)

        Ph.D. training is an important mechanism for developing scientists who will serve our knowledge-based society. Because the quality of students who join Ph.D. programs si…

        • 高等教育
        • 科学技術政策
        • Language Barriers and the Speed of Knowledge Diffusion

          Higham, Kyle: Sadao Nagaoka
          22-E-074 RIETI Discussion Paper Series (2022/08/18)

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          • イノベーション能力の構築とインセンティブ設計:マイクロデータからの証拠
          • Multilayer patent citation networks: A comprehensive analytical framework for studying explicit technological relationships

            Higham, Kyle: Martina Contisciani: Caterina De Bacco
            『Technological Forecasting and Social Change』 Vol. 179 (2022/06/01)

            The use of patent citation networks as research tools is becoming increasingly commonplace in the field of innovation studies. However, these networks rarely consider the contexts in which these citations are generated and are generally restricted to a single jurisdiction. Here, we propose and explore the use of a multilayer network fr…

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            • The Economics of Spatial Mobility: Theory and Evidence Using Smartphone Data

              Miyauchi, Yuhei: Kentaro Nakajima: Stephen J. Redding
              No. 28497 NBER Working Paper (2022/04/01)

              • 経済学
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                The Role of Face-to-face Contact in Innovation: The Evidence from the Spanish Flu Pandemic in Japan

                Inoue, Hiroyasu: Kentaro Nakajima: Tetsuji Okazaki: Yukiko Umeno Saito
                22-E-026 RIETI Discussion Paper Series (2022/03/01)

                • 経済学
                • イノベーションの経済分析
                • イノベーションの経済地理分析
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                • On the Use of Satellite-Based Vehicle Flows Data to Assess Local Economic Activity: The Case of Philippine Cities

                  Go, Eugenia: Kentaro Nakajima: Yasuyuki Sawada: Kiyoshi Taniguchi
                  No. 652 ADB Economics Working Paper Series (2022/03/01)

                  • 経済学
                  • Local Labor Market Effects of Chinese Imports and Offshoring: Evidence from Matched-Foreign Affiliate-Domestic Parent-Domestic Plant Data in Japan

                    Kiyota, Kozo: Kentaro Nakajima: Miho Takizawa
                    22-E-13 RIETI Discussion Paper Series (2022/03/01)

                    • 経済学
                    • Determinants of Contract Renewals in University–Industry Contract Research: Going my Way, or Good Sam?

                      Yoshioka-Kobayashi, Tohru: Makiko Takahashi, in Azagra-Caro, Joaquín M., Pablo D'Este and David Barberá-Tomás, eds. (編)『University-Industry Knowledge Interactions: People, Tensions and Impact (International Studies in Entrepreneurship Volume 52)』 Chap. 6, pp. 89-110

                      • 技術経営
                      • 産学連携
                      • 科研費プロジェクト
                      • Patent citation generation at the triadic offices: Mechanisms and implications for analysis.

                        Higham, Kyle: Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi
                        4022851 SSRN Working Paper (2022/02/03)

                        Patent citations have been used for over four decades as indicators of numerous aspects of technological progress, including knowledge flows, technological evolution, and patent impact. However, research on these topics often ignores the variable contexts in which examiners, applicants, and third parties generate these citations, and t…

                        • 知的財産
                        • The Roles of Structured Management in the Formation of Transactional Relationship

                          Imani, Yusuke: Atsushi Ohyama
                          E-2021-07 TDB-CAREE Discussion Paper Series (2022/02/01)

                          • 経済学
                          • Product Innovation, Product Diversification and Firm Growth: Evidence from Japan's Early Industrialization

                            Braginsky, Serguey: Atsushi Ohyama: Tetsuji Okazakii: Chad Syverson
                            『American Economic Review』 Vol. 111 No. 12 pp. 3795-3826 (2021/12/01)

                            • 経済学
                            • イノベーションの経済分析
                            • Economic sociology in Japan

                              Nakano Tsutomu: Masaru Karube: Yoshimichi Sato: Naoki Wakabayashi
                              『economic sociology. perspectives and conversations』 23 1 11-18 (2021/11/30)

                              Economic sociology is an established field in the Western tradition of sociology. Departing from the instrumental rationality of neoclassical economics (Weber 1968), it has made a breakthrough with its foundational conception that economic action of individuals constructs social structures and these social structures heavily influence …

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                              • Estimating the Impact of Land Use Regulation on Land Price: At the Kink Point of Building Height Limits in Fukuoka

                                Nakajima, Kentaro: Keisuke Takano
                                21-E-88 RIETI Discussion Paper Series 21-E-88 (2021/10/01)

                                • 経済学
                                • Management practices and productivity in Japan: Evidence from six industries in JP MOPS

                                  Kambayashi, Ryo: Atsushi Ohyama: Nobuko Hori
                                  『Journal of the Japanese and International Economies』 Volume 61 (2021/09/01)

                                  • 経済学
                                  • イノベーションの計測
                                  • Determinants of contract renewals in university–industry contract research: Going my way, or good Sam?

                                    Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi and Makiko Takahashi, Springer (2021/09/01)

                                    Long-term university–industry contract research benefits both universities and the industry, as it can potentially reduce transaction costs and improve the quality of su…

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                                      Trends in Gender Pay Gaps of Scientists and Engineers in Academia and Industry

                                      Waverly W. Ding: Atsushi Ohyama: Rajshree Agarwal
                                      『Nature Biotechnology』 39 1019-1024 (2021/08/01)

                                        Introducing a Novelty Indicator for Scientific Research: Validating the Knowledge-based Combinatorial Approach

                                        Matsumoto, Kuniko: Sotaro Shibayama: Byeongwoo Kang: Masatsura Igami
                                        『Scientometrics』 Vol. 126 No. 8 pp. 6891-6915 (2021/06/23)

                                        Citation counts have long been considered as the primary bibliographic indicator for evaluating the quality of research—a practice premised on the assumption that citati…

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