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Language Barriers and the Speed of Knowledge Diffusion

Higham, Kyle: Sadao Nagaoka
22-E-074 RIETI Discussion Paper Series (2022/08/18)

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  • イノベーション能力の構築とインセンティブ設計:マイクロデータからの証拠
  • Multilayer patent citation networks: A comprehensive analytical framework for studying explicit technological relationships

    Higham, Kyle: Martina Contisciani: Caterina De Bacco
    『Technological Forecasting and Social Change』 Vol. 179 (2022/06/01)

    The use of patent citation networks as research tools is becoming increasingly commonplace in the field of innovation studies. However, these networks rarely consider the contexts in which these citations are generated and are generally restricted to a single jurisdiction. Here, we propose and explore the use of a multilayer network fr…

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    • 特許
    • Patent Quality: Towards a Systematic Framework for Analysis and Measurement

      Higham, Kyle:Gaétan de Rassenfosse:Adam B. Jaffe
      『Research Policy』 Vol. 50 Issue 4 (2021/05/01)

      The quality of novel technological innovations is extremely variable, and the ability to measure innovation quality is essential to sensible, evidence-based policy. Patents, an often vital precursor to a commercialised innovation, share this heterogeneous quality distribution. A pertinent question then arises: How should we define and …

      • 技術経営
      • 技術政策
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      • Impact of Academic Patenting on Scientific Publication Quality at the Project Level

        Kang, Byeongwoo
        『Asian Journal of Technology Innovation』 Vol. 29 Issue 2 pp. 258-282, refereed (2020/07/31)

        This paper investigates the relationship between patenting and publishing at the project level. It uses Japan’s Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research database. Japan’s …

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