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Eiji Kure, Oral History (1st, 1): History of Game Development at Kure Software Koubou

Ikuine, fumihiko:Donghoon Kim: Morihiro Shigihara:, Ayako Matsui:Hiroshi Shimizu
WP#19-29 (in Japanese) Hitotsubashi University IIR (2019/12/10)

  • オーラル・ヒストリー
  • ゲーム
  • An Analysis of the Trilemma Phenomenon for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

    Yun, Bo-Seong: Sang-Gun Lee: Yaichi Aoshima, 『Service Business』 Vol. 13, No. 4, pp. 779-814

    Starting from industry 4.0 in Germany and followed by the New Strategy for American Innovation in the USA and the smartization strategy in Japan, developed countries are…

    • 経営学
    • 技術経営
    • 戦略論
    • Inertia of Society:When Schumpeter met Weber in the Cyberspace of the Network Enterprise

      Kimura, Megumi
      WP#19-31 Hitotsubashi University IIR (2019/11/27)

      • クリエイティブ産業
      • IIR Working Paper


        Effects of Regulations on Cross-border Data Flows: Evidence from a Survey of Japanese Firms

        Tomiura, Eiichi : Banri Ito : Byeongwoo Kang
        19-E-088 RIETI Discussion Paper Series (2019/10/25)

        • 規制
        • デジタル・エコノミー
        • Nishimura Yoshio, Oral History: The Development of Game Industry in the context of Electronics Industry: Perspectives from Journalism

          Ikuine, fumihiko : Kim, Donghoon : Shigihara, Morihiro : Fukuda, Kazufumi : Shimizu, Hiroshi
          WP#19-26 (in Japanese) Hitotsubashi University IIR (2019/10/23)

            Optimal Uniform Capital Taxation in a Partially Automated Society

            Koizumi, Hideto
            『SSRN』 (2019/10/22)

            • 経済学
            • Institutional Factors for Academic Entrepreneurship in Publicly Owned Universities in Japan: Transition from a Conservative Anti-industry University Collaboration Culture to a Leading Entrepreneurial University

              Yoshioka-Kobayashi, Tohru
              『Science, Technology and Society』 Vol. 24 No. 3 pp. 423-445 (2019/10/01)

              • 社会学
              • アントレプレナー
              • 産学連携
              • Article


                The Dilemma of Design Innovation: Analysis of Mobile Phone’s Design Patent

                Akiike, Atsushi: Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi: Sotaro Katsumata
                『Annals of Business Administrative Science』 Vol. 18 No. 6 pp. 209-222 (2019/10/01)

                • 技術経営
                • デザイン
                • Article


                  Hiromichi Nakamoto, Oral History (1st, 2): History of Game Development by Data East Corporation

                  Shigihara, Morihiro : Ikuine, Fumihiko : Kim, Donghoon : Fukuda, Kazufumi : Matsui, Ayako : Shimizu, Hiroshi
                  WP#19-25 (in Japanese) Hitotsubashi University IIR (2019/09/30)

                  • オーラル・ヒストリー
                  • ゲーム
                  • Hiromichi Nakamoto, Oral History (1st, 1): History of Game Development by Data East Corporation

                    Shigihara, Morihiro :Ikuine, Fumihiko : Kim, Donghoon : Fukuda, Kazufumi : Matsui, Ayako : Shimizu, Hiroshi
                    WP#19-24 (in Japanese) Hitotsubashi University IIR (2019/09/30)

                    • オーラル・ヒストリー
                    • ゲーム
                    • イノベーションの長期メカニズム:逆浸透膜の技術開発史



                      • 経営学
                      • 技術経営
                      • 技術史
                      • Magicc
                      • 大河内賞
                      • 日本企業
                      • イノベーション政策
                      • 不確実性
                      • The Business Effects of Standardization for SMEs

                        Eto, Manabu
                        『International Journal of Standardization Research 』 Volume17 Issue2 p. 20 (2019/07/01)

                        Standardization activity is a type of open innovation, specifically an outbound­-revealing open innovation. Through standardization activities, a given technology spread…

                        • 経営学
                        • 技術政策
                        • 標準化
                        • 3. Standard Essential Patent War: Samsung vs Apple (in Korean)

                          Kang, Byeongwoo, 『4.0 Industry and Standardization: Case Studies』 pp. 43-62

                          • 知的財産権
                          • 知的財産
                          • 知的財産制度
                          • 標準化
                          • A Book Chapter


                            Institutional Resource or Constraint? How Do Political Connections Embrace Technological Entrepreneurship in China?

                            2019 Annual Meeting (2019/06/28)

                            Conference Paper: submitted by Karube, Masaru

                            • 経済学
                            • 中国
                            • Study/Lecture Record/Oral History/Conference Paper


                              Influence of Photocatalytic Technology Standardization

                              24th EURAS (European Academy for Standardisation) Annual Standardisation Conference (2019/06/13)

                              Conference Paper: submitted by Eto, Manabu and Yuichi Washida

                                Study/Lecture Record/Oral History/Conference Paper


                                Measuring the Sorting Effect of Migration on Spatial Wage Disparities in Japan

                                Nakajima, Kentaro: Ryosuke Okamoto
                                『Journal of Applied Regional Science』 Issue 23 pp. 1-23 (2019/06/01)

                                This paper measures the effect of sorting on wage disparity. We extract worker skills by estimating the wage equation using Japanese individual data. We show that the skills of workers in metropolitan areas are 9.68% higher than the skills of workers in nonmetropolitan areas. In the counterfactual situation in which there is no migrati…

                                • 経済学
                                • Agglomeration Economies in Vietnam: A Firm-Level Analysis

                                  Gokan, Toshitaka: Ikuo Kuroiwa: Kentaro Nakajima
                                  『 Journal of Asian Economics』 Vol. 62 pp. 52-64 (2019/06/01)

                                  • 経済学
                                  • Article


                                    Profit Expansion Method by Standard as an Outbound Open Innovation

                                    Eto, Manabu, Jakobs, Kai(編)『Corporate Standardization Management and Innovation』 Chapter 14, pp. 256-275
                                    IGI Global(2019/04/30)

                                    Among open innovations, standardization activities that do not cause some souse of profits, such as issuing standard essential patents for standardized technologies, can be said to be offering-type outbound open innovations. Technology providers require a careful strategy to make a profit from standardization activities. The core of th…

                                    • 標準化
                                    • A Comparative Study on Industrial Spillover Effects among Korea, China, the USA, Germany and Japan

                                      Min, Yong-Ki : Sang-Gun Lee : Yaichi Aoshima, 『Industrial Management & Data Systems』 Vol.119, Issue 3, pp. 454-472

                                      • 経営学
                                      • 技術経営
                                      • 知識のスピルオーバー
                                      • Toshiharu Saito, Oral History (2nd): Development of Platform for Mobile Phone and Hardware for Dreamcast

                                        Shigihara, Morihiro:Akito Inoue:Ayako Matsui
                                        WP#19-23 (in Japanese) Hitotsubashi University IIR (2019/02/28)

                                        • オーラル・ヒストリー
                                        • ゲーム