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The Impacts of Export Competition on International Technology Flows

Nabeshima, Kaoru : Mila Kashcheeva : Byeongwoo Kang
『Applied Economics Letters』 pp. 1-4 (2017/10/25)

Knowledge flow is a key to building technological capabilities. This article investigates how competition in international trade affects knowledge flow between countries…

  • イノベーションの経済分析
  • 知識
  • 知識のスピルオーバー
  • Descriptive analysis of the knowledge network formation in East Asia

    Nabeshima, Kaoru : Byeongwoo Kang : Mila Kashcheeva
    『Technology in Society』 Vol.47 pp. 66-100 (2016/11/01)

    This paper shows descriptively how the knowledge network in East Asia has been formed. In addition, the correlation between the knowledge network and economic growth is also examined. Evidence is provided to show that plugging into the knowledge network of developed economies could be a key for increasing innovativeness in an economy.

    • 知識
    • イノベーションの経済地理分析
    • 知識のスピルオーバー
    • Effects of early patent disclosure on knowledge dissemination: evidence from the pre-grant publication system introduced in the United States

      Okada, Yoshimi and Sadao Nagaoka
      WP#15-12 Hitotsubashi University IIR (2015/07/10)

      In order to assess the disclosure function of the patent system, this study examined the impact of the pre-grant publication system introduced in the United States in 2000. Unlike earlier studies, the applicant (inventor) non-self-citations (excluding examiner citations) were used to track knowledge flow. The causal effects of disclosu…

      • 経済学
      • 知的財産権
      • 知的財産制度
      • 知識
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