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Book Review: Jinzai no kokusai ido to inobeshon (International Migration of Highly Skilled Workers and Innovation, by Yukiko Murakami, Tokyo: NTT Publishing, 2015)

Nakajima, Kentaro
『Social Science Japan Journal』 Vol. 20 No. 2 pp.323-325 (2017/08/01)

  • イノベーションの経済地理分析
  • 人材移動
  • Article


    Descriptive analysis of the knowledge network formation in East Asia

    Nabeshima, Kaoru : Byeongwoo Kang : Mila Kashcheeva
    『Technology in Society』 Vol.47 pp. 66-100 (2016/11/01)

    This paper shows descriptively how the knowledge network in East Asia has been formed. In addition, the correlation between the knowledge network and economic growth is also examined. Evidence is provided to show that plugging into the knowledge network of developed economies could be a key for increasing innovativeness in an economy.

    • 知識
    • イノベーションの経済地理分析
    • 知識のスピルオーバー
    • Testing for localization: A new approach

      Murata, Yasusada : Ryo Nakajima : Ryuichi Tamura
      WP#16-11 Hitotsubashi University IIR (2016/08/19)

      Recent empirical studies document that knowledge spillovers attenuate and industry localization decays with distance. It is thus imperative to detect localization accurately especially at short distances. We propose a new approach to testing for localization that corrects the first-order bias at and near the boundary in existing method…

      • イノベーションの経済地理分析
      • 知識のスピルオーバー
      • IIR Working Paper