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The Economics of Spatial Mobility: Theory and Evidence Using Smartphone Data

Miyauchi, Yuhei: Kentaro Nakajima: Stephen J. Redding
No. 28497 NBER Working Paper (2022/04/01)

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  • Working Paper(outside IIR)


    The Role of Face-to-face Contact in Innovation: The Evidence from the Spanish Flu Pandemic in Japan

    Inoue, Hiroyasu: Kentaro Nakajima: Tetsuji Okazaki: Yukiko Umeno Saito
    22-E-026 RIETI Discussion Paper Series (2022/03/01)

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    • イノベーションの経済分析
    • イノベーションの経済地理分析
    • 知識のスピルオーバー
    • イノベーション
    • On the Use of Satellite-Based Vehicle Flows Data to Assess Local Economic Activity: The Case of Philippine Cities

      Go, Eugenia: Kentaro Nakajima: Yasuyuki Sawada: Kiyoshi Taniguchi
      No. 652 ADB Economics Working Paper Series (2022/03/01)

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      • Local Labor Market Effects of Chinese Imports and Offshoring: Evidence from Matched-Foreign Affiliate-Domestic Parent-Domestic Plant Data in Japan

        Kiyota, Kozo: Kentaro Nakajima: Miho Takizawa
        22-E-13 RIETI Discussion Paper Series (2022/03/01)

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        • Estimating the Impact of Land Use Regulation on Land Price: At the Kink Point of Building Height Limits in Fukuoka

          Nakajima, Kentaro: Keisuke Takano
          21-E-88 RIETI Discussion Paper Series 21-E-88 (2021/10/01)

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          • Do sourcing networks make firms global? Microlevel evidence from firm-to-firm transaction networks

            Itoh, Ryo: Kentaro Nakajima
            『The Japanese Economic Review』 Vol. 72 Issue 1 pp. 65-96 (2020/11/16)

            This study investigates how the structure of a domestic firm-to-firm transaction network influences the foreign direct investment (FDI) decisions of embedded firms in th…

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            • Measuring the Sorting Effect of Migration on Spatial Wage Disparities in Japan

              Nakajima, Kentaro: Ryosuke Okamoto
              『Journal of Applied Regional Science』 Issue 23 pp. 1-23 (2019/06/01)

              This paper measures the effect of sorting on wage disparity. We extract worker skills by estimating the wage equation using Japanese individual data. We show that the skills of workers in metropolitan areas are 9.68% higher than the skills of workers in nonmetropolitan areas. In the counterfactual situation in which there is no migrati…

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              • Agglomeration Economies in Vietnam: A Firm-Level Analysis

                Gokan, Toshitaka: Ikuo Kuroiwa: Kentaro Nakajima
                『 Journal of Asian Economics』 Vol. 62 pp. 52-64 (2019/06/01)

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                  Localization of knowledge-creating establishments

                  Inoue, Hiroyasu : Kentaro Nakajima : Yukiko Umeno Saito
                  『Japan and the World Economy』 Vol. 43 pp. 23-29 (2017/09/01)

                  This study investigates the localization of establishment-level knowledge creation using data from a Japanese patent database. Using distance-based methods, we obtain the following results. First, Japanese knowledge-creating establishments defined by patenting experience are significantly localized at the 5% level, with a localization …

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                  • Book Review: Jinzai no kokusai ido to inobeshon (International Migration of Highly Skilled Workers and Innovation, by Yukiko Murakami, Tokyo: NTT Publishing, 2015)

                    Nakajima, Kentaro
                    『Social Science Japan Journal』 Vol. 20 No. 2 pp.323-325 (2017/08/01)

                    • イノベーションの経済地理分析
                    • 人材移動
                    • Article


                      The expanding Empire and spatial distribution of economic activity: the case of Japan's colonization of Korea during the prewar period

                      Nakajima, Kentaro : Tetsuji Okazaki
                      『The Economic History Review』 Vol.71 No.2 pp. 593-616 (2017/06/09)

                      In 1910, Japan annexed Korea and integrated it into the Empire of Japan. According to its policy of assimilating colonies, the Japanese government intended to remove the tariffs between Japan and Korea, an aim which had almost been realized by 1923. The removal of the tariff barrier was supposed to improve market access between Japan a…

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                      • Highways and Industrial Development in the Peripheral Regions of China

                        Xu, Hangtian : Kentaro Nakajima
                        『Papers in Regional Science』 Vol.96 No.2 pp. 325-356 (2017/06/01)

                        This study estimates how highways affected industrial development in China's peripheral regions between 1998 and 2007, a period during which China experienced rapid grow…

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                        • The Impact of the Opening of High-Speed Rail on Innovation

                          Inoue, Hiroyasu : Kentaro Nakajima : Yukiko Saito
                          17-E-034 RIETI Discussion Paper Series (2017/03/31)

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                          • Did China’s Coal Mine Regulation Positively Affect Economic Growth?

                            Xu, Hangtian : Kentaro Nakajima
                            『Resources Policy』 Vol.50 pp. 160-168 (2016/12/01)

                            In response to high mortality rates and low productivity in coal mining, China began regulating coal mines in the 1990s, reshaping its coal economy. We investigate the relationship between coal mine regulation and economic growth. Using the difference-in-difference approach to compare the pre- and post-regulation periods as well as reg…

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                            • Multi-region Job Search with Moving Costs

                              Kawata, Keisuke : Kentaro Nakajima : Yasuhiro Sato
                              『Regional Science and Urban Economics』 Vol.61 pp. 114-129 (2016/11/01)

                              We develop a competitive search model involving multiple regions, geographically mobile workers, and moving costs. Equilibrium mobility patterns are analyzed and characterized, and the results indicate that shocks to a particular region, such as a productivity shock, can propagate to other regions through workers' mobility. Moreover, e…

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